The Jimmy Kimmel Mean tweet Sketch is back!

One of the best recurring sketches that’s available on Jimmy Kimmel is the mean tweets montage. This features top celebrities, sports stars and musicians reading some of the world’s most critical tweets about them. In the latest Jimmy Kimmel mean tweets clip, we find Grammy artists reading mean tweets about their work and about themselves.

In the latest video we hear from Ricky Martin, Megan Trainor, Kelly Clarkson, Charlie Wilson, Blake Shelton, Josh Grogan, Demi Lovato, James Taylor and more. The James Taylor tweet is particularly savage and something that makes this video well worth checking out. The Lionel Richie one is certainly a pretty funny response as well. If you love the Jimmy Kimmel mean tweets you are going to really enjoy the Grammy edition of this sketch.

Have you ever sent a celebrity mean tweet? Can you think of a celebrity that deserves mean tweets? Leave a comment below.

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