It is a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Iron Man?

American Nick Macomber was not the average tourist when he visited Dublin, Ireland. Sure he probably still visited St. Stephen’s Green, and drank plenty of pints in Temple Bar, but he had a little more elevated sightseeing in mind for his trip.

The self-proclaimed Jet-Pack Man brought his special little gadget to Ireland with him and proceeded to take the city in from some pretty seriously epic heights.

Pushing his hydrogen peroxide powered jet pack to its extreme, Macomber spent nearly 30 seconds soaring above the River Liffery like a real-life Tony Stark. Residents and tourists alike who are able to take in the sight were allowed to see Jet-Pack Man soaring above the river. And if we may say so ourselves, he handles himself quite gracefully in flight, and really makes you think “how hard, exactly, would it be to create our own jet pack?”

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